Making the Land together: a collaboration

How do you create a piece together when your style is very different? At the core of the exhibition Yarning The Land was the close collaboration between artist Gemma MacLennan and myself over a period of more than 9 month.

Gemma tends to make figurative, brightly coloured  pieces while I am drawn to the abstract, more naturally coloured and highly textured.

We had worked  on a number of common projects such as  Under the Same Blanket and the Wool Festival/ Yarn Bombing Guildford, creating separate works but never worked together on the same piece.

Gemma drew an initial skecth we used as a guideline. We decided we would make individual pieces and that we would put them together at a later stage, a bit like a collage. It is a really flexible technique that enables you to play with the composition. It is a technique I have used in a lot of my work before. When we were pleased with how it looked, we crocheted all the pieces together.


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